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Desktop Drug Reference 1.0

Desktop Drug Reference lets you find information about almost any drug
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Elprime Software, Inc.

Desktop Drug Reference is a reference tool that was created for pharmacists in order to help them quickly find information regarding drugs and medical products.
In my opinion, Desktop Drug Reference is one of the best applications of its kind, thanks to many reasons. One of these reasons is the huge database of drugs that it provides. Another reason is the smart manner in which it organizes and categorizes the drugs, as well as the simple yet effective search system. This search system lets you find any drug by name, but also any word in a drug’s description, may that word be an ingredient, a side-effect, a disease, a condition, or anything else. That opens a lot of possibilities to the pharmacist, allowing him or her to find the exact drug that will solve a problem, only by knowing that problem. Knowing the exact name of the drug will no longer be required in every situation. Last but not least, Desktop Drug Reference is simple, lightweight and compatible with a lot of operating systems because though it has an installer, it is actually just an executable HTML Help file.

From my point of view, Desktop Drug Reference is worth at least a try, especially thanks to its really effective search system.

Rory Shaffer
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Review summary


  • Large database of drugs
  • A lot of information is provided for every drug
  • Effective search system
  • Simple and well-organized interface


  • Doesn't offer any filtering options (can't filter the drugs by their side effects or any other criteria)
  • No price-related information is provided for the drugs
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